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15 December 2020, 19:11:27 CST
Grading Update 4b Final grades have been posted to myLSU. I'd like to thank everyone for their effort in this course! Stay safe!

14 December 2020, 19:25:11 CST
Grading Update 4a: Final Exam Grades Ready. The range was [92,12] with a mean of 63.4 and a median of 65. The graded exams with a grade distribution will be E-mailed within moments.

14 December 2020, 17:59:47 CST
Grading Update 4: Problems 1 through 5d graded. Final exam grades will be E-mailed later tonight. Course grades including final averages may be available tomorrow, definately by 9:00 on Wednesday. The next grading update will be posted about 18:00 on Tuesday.

13 December 2020, 18:18:29 CST
Grading Update 3: Problem 1 graded, problem 2 mostly graded. The next grading update will be posted by about 18:00 on Monday.

12 December 2020, 17:58:20 CST
Grading Update 2: Problem 1 partially graded. The next grading update will be posted by about 18:00 on Sunday.

12 December 2020, 12:00:22 CST
Grading Update 1: Grading will start in a few hours. Graded final exams will be graded when they are available. Optimistically that will be Sunday afternoon, but it could be later than that. After that course grades will be determined. The next grading update will be posted by about 18:00.

11 December 2020, 10:28:29 CST
The deadline for the Solve-Home Final Exam has been extended a few hours, to Friday, 11 December 2020 at 23:59 CST.

10 December 2020, 8:59:32 CST
The Solve-Home Final Exam up until about a minute or two ago had a broken link. The exam has been updated with the correct link. The link was to this set of solved problems. Don't forget, the exam is due (by E-mail) Friday, 11 December 2020 at 16:30.

9 December 2020, 22:31:56 CST
The Solve-Home Final Exam is available. Due (by E-mail) Friday, 11 December 2020 at 16:30. Good luck!

8 December 2020, 13:20:44 CST
The solve-home final exam will be available Wednesday evening, 9 December, and will be due Friday at 16:30.

6 December 2020, 14:23:19 CST
With a solution to Problem 4 the Midterm Exam solution is now complete.

5 December 2020, 18:00:34 CST
Linked a Midterm Exam partial solution to the lectures page. There is a solution to all problems except 4, that will be posted by tomorrow.

4 December 2020, 18:51:31 CST
With Problem 1 solved, the 2019 Final Exam solution is now complete.

4 December 2020, 16:44:53 CST
Linked remaining Zoom recordings to the lectures pages, as well as other materials used during recent lectures.

4 December 2020, 14:27:32 CST
Linked the final exam review slides and a partial solution to the 2019 final exam. Only Problem 1 is unsolved. A solution to that will be posted later today. Also, by Saturday evening a solution to the midterm exam will be posted, plus all remaining Zoom lectures.

30 November 2020, 14:28:30 CST
Homework 5 assigned, due Thursday night, 3 December 2020. Submissions will not be accepted after 11:30 on Friday (since we may be discussing the solution in class).

7 November 2020, 17:46:14 CST
Midterm Exam correction: In Problem 4, the recursive instantiations should be of mult_tree_bfas. A corrected exam was posted moments ago.

6 November 2020, 19:38:40 CST
Linked the solve-home midterm exam to the assignments and exams page. The exam is due 5:00 early Monday morning.

6 November 2020, 14:50:37 CST
Linked the midterm exam review slides, today's Zoom recording, and material covered in class to the lectures page.

4 November 2020, 17:35:55 CST
Linked recent Zoom recordings and lecture material to the lectures page. Don't forget that the solve-home exam will be distributed Friday evening.

3 November 2020, 16:24:14 CST
E-mailed graded HW 4, and linked a preliminary Homework 4 solution to the assignments and exams page.

2 November 2020, 18:27:24 CST
Graded HW 4 will be returned tomorrow afternoon.

27 October 2020, 16:22:11 CDT
Linked the multiplier demo notes to the lectures page.

21 October 2020, 17:21:37 CDT
Homework 4 assigned, due Wednesday, 28 October 2020. This is not a computer assignment.

21 October 2020, 10:59:12 CDT
Linked a preliminary Homework 3 solution to the assignments and exams page.

20 October 2020, 17:14:27 CDT
Linked recent material and Zoom recordings to the lectures page.

12 October 2020, 17:40:28 CDT
A workaround to the Cadence problem (see prior entry) has been implemented. If you start Emacs after 17:37 today (Monday) you will have the workaround. I still don't know the root cause.

12 October 2020, 17:12:13 CDT
Due to an Cadence software installation problem (I assume) instantiations with mis-spelled module names, such as nnADD instead of nnAdd or nnMAD instead of nnMADD will result in the following error message:
ncelab: *F,DLPAKO: Unable to open packed library for sdilib (Permission denied).
The error message does not indicate which module causes the problem. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

11 October 2020, 15:46:15 CDT
Corrected a typo on the Homework 3 handout. Module nnOxI should instantiate no (not wo) nn1xI modules. Thanks to the student that found the typo.

11 October 2020, 11:13:21 CDT
Due to blackouts caused by Hurricane Delta the homework deadline has been extended by one day, to 13 October 2020 (late at night, or early the next morning). The Homework 3 handout has been updated with the new deadline and now mentions the min examples of linear- and tree-structured hardware that was given in the 10 October what's new entry.

10 October 2020, 12:22:48 CDT
Homework 3 hint: For help in understanding what is meant by the linear and tree structure to be selected by the tr parameter, look at the min_n (linear) and min_t (tree) minimum-of-n-inputs modules in the Generate/Elaborate demo slides.

9 October 2020, 12:22:41 CDT
Linked Homework 2 solution code to the assignments and exams page.

6 October 2020, 13:36:07 CDT
Linked recent lecture materials and Zoom recordings to the lectures page.

5 October 2020, 18:18:47 CDT
Homework 3 assigned due Monday, 12 October 2020.

25 September 2020, 17:33:04 CDT
Linked the Homework 1 solution to the assignments and exams page. Graded submissions will be returned soon.

18 September 2020, 18:39:40 CDT
Linked recent lecture material and Zoom recordings to the lectures page.

18 September 2020, 16:15:02 CDT
Homework 2 will be collected Sunday morning. A common problem was forgetting to instantiate modules with the correct parameter values.

13 September 2020, 14:33:55 CDT
Homework 2 assigned, due Friday, 18 September 2020, Sally permitting.

11 September 2020, 10:54:50 CDT
Homework 1 assigned, due Wednesday, 16 September 2020. This is a non-computer assignment. Homework 2, which is a computer assignment, will be issued today or tomorrow by the end of the weekend.

8 September 2020, 18:04:33 CDT
Linked Verilog review and re-done basic simulation demo-slides, along with Zoom recordings to the lectures page.

28 August 2020, 15:52:08 CDT
Linked first lecture materials, including slides, demo code, and Zoom recording to the lectures page.

21 August 2020, 16:59:01 CDT
Classroom changed to 120 Tureaud Hall.

6 August 2020, 17:01:04 CDT
Set up pages for Fall 2020 semester.

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