EE 4720 - What's New

9 February 2018, 18:00:26 CST
Homework 2 assigned, due Friday, 16 February 2018. Also linked implementation slides to the lectures page.

2 February 2018, 15:16:30 CST
Linked MIPS array access, MIPS control flow, and MIPS control floating-point demo notes to the lectures page.

2 February 2018, 14:46:52 CST
Linked the Homework 1 solution to the Homework & Exams page. Lecture demo code will be updated soon.

28 January 2018, 12:02:49 CST
The workstation lab, PFT 2241 is currently locked (though it should be open) and may not open again until Monday. If it does not open today (Sunday) the homework due date will be extended again until Tuesday midnight.

26 January 2018, 14:26:35 CST
Those who want to work on Homework 1 outside of the lab may be able to partially do so by following the instructions on the EE 4755 (Verilog) procedures page. It will be possible to edit your code, but running SPIM (the MIPS simulator) will require getting a graphical connection working which is possible but more trouble.

26 January 2018, 13:56:00 CST
The due date for Homework 1 has been changed to Monday, 29 January 2018.

25 January 2018, 16:10:46 CST
For additional MIPS practice consider looking some EE 3755 MIPS assignments: EE 3755 Fall 2012 Homework 4, count words in a string, and EE 3755 Fall 2013 Homework 5, clean up whitespace. The code for those assignments is directories /home/faculty/koppel/pub/ee3755/hw/2012f/hw04 and /home/faculty/koppel/pub/ee3755/hw/2013f/hw05.

25 January 2018, 14:22:53 CST
Linked the partially completed hex string example and the string length example to the lectures page.

24 January 2018, 13:36:08 CST
The workstation lab, PFT 2241, will now be open 8:00-22:00 M-F and 10:00-22:00 Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to Tim Nguyen-Pham for his quick action on this.

22 January 2018, 13:45:09 CST
Linked partially completed string length example along with review notes to the lectures page.

22 January 2018, 9:23:22 CST
Homework 1 assigned, due Friday, 26 Monday, 29 January 2018.

10 January 2018, 16:49:41 CST
Linked first set of lecture slides to the lectures page.

9 January 2018, 13:28:15 CST
Set up Web pages for Spring 2018 semester.

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