EE 4720, Computer Architecture

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Spring 2022: MWF 9:30-10:20 CT, Room 124 Tureaud Hall Spring 2022 Syllabus
Another challenging but also cool course: Register for GPU Microarchitecture (EE 7722) and learn about the Other Way to organize a CPU, and how to write cool animations including the video on the course home page.

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David M. Koppelman

Study Guides

How to study for the big problems that might appear on the midterm and final exam. Includes good problems to study.

Lectures: Current  Previous Lectures

Slides used in class. Changes and additions made yearly, so use the latest available version.

Homework & Exams

Homework assignments and exams, some with solutions.


A number assigned to each assignment or a letter assigned to each student indicating the demonstrated grasp of the material.


Instructions for using software needed for assignments.


Includes ISA manuals and SPIM documentation.

MIPS Implementations in Verilog

Verilog descriptions of the MIPS implementations used in class. Code is currently in an early state of refinement.

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