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13 May 2013, 15:27:31 CDT
Grading Update 4: Course Grades Available. The course grades have been decided. Those who provided aliases and those who want to see the course average distribution click here. I apreciate everyone's effort in this course, have a good summer!

13 May 2013, 14:19:22 CDT
Grading Update 3: I haven't forgotten about everyone. The grades should be available later today. The next grading update will be posted by 17:00.

12 May 2013, 11:40:04 CDT
Grading Update 2: Final Exam Grades Ready The median grade is 58 and the range is [94,16]. Course grades have not yet been decided. For the grade distribution and final exam grades of those providing aliases click here. The homework grades are also on that page. Course grades will be determined some time on Monday.

10 May 2013, 16:55:08 CDT
Grading Update 1: Problem 1 graded. The next grading update will be tomorrow or Sunday.

10 May 2013, 15:30:34 CDT
Grading Update 0: Final exam grading will start now, but will be interrupted for necessary mother's day travel. (Yes, professors have mothers.) Exam grades may be posted Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Course grades will be posted at the same time or later. For those who want to have another look, the Final Exam has been linked to the Homework & Exams page. The next grading update will be posted by about 17:00 today.

7 May 2013, 15:39:44 CDT
Complete Spring Final Exam solution linked to the Homework & Exams page.

3 May 2013, 8:18:33 CDT
Linked Final Exam review to the lectures page.

1 May 2013, 16:02:23 CDT
Linked remaining lecture slides to the lectures page. Note that for studying you can also use the study guides.

17 April 2013, 18:08:26 CDT
Linked Homework 6 solution to the Homework & Exams page.

17 April 2013, 8:51:22 CDT
Homework 7 assigned, due Wednesday, 24 April 2013.

10 April 2013, 15:52:42 CDT
Made a minor correction to the solution to Problem 1 in the Spring 2012 Final Exam solution: now the WB structural hazard stall control logic will not generate a stall if both the instruction in ID and EX are integer multiplies.

8 April 2013, 8:50:47 CDT
Linked Homework 5 solution and then Spring 2012 Final Exam Problems 1 and 2 solution to the Homework & Exams page.

27 March 2013, 16:52:33 CDT
Homework 6 unofficially assigned, due Friday 12 April 2013. It will become officially assigned the Monday after Spring Break.

26 March 2013, 14:16:07 CDT
Minor changes were made to Homework 5. The data types were changed from double to single, and the wording was changed from “Add reasonable bypass paths” to “Add any needed datapath and reasonable bypass paths”. Don't be mislead by this change: a correct solution will not have added datapath, just bypass paths. (The reason for making the change was to avoid confusion about the lack of datapath for the last instruction. Datapath would have to be added for the last instruction if it were not dependent on prior instructions.)

21 March 2013, 15:29:03 CDT
Homework 5 assigned, due Wednesday 27 March 2013.
Also, linked the Spring 2012 Final Exam to the Homework & Exams page. Yes, the homework includes some recycled test questions.

14 March 2013, 18:19:20 CDT
Grading Update 2b: Midterm Exam Grades Ready The range is [98,19], with an average of 57.7. To find your grade, when you're ready, click here.

14 March 2013, 17:58:12 CDT
Grading Update 2a: All problems have been graded, grades will be posted in a few minutes.

13 March 2013, 17:55:56 CDT
Grading Update 1: Problem 1 graded. There is a chance that the grades will not be available until Friday. The next grading update will be posted by tomorrow at 18:00.

13 March 2013, 12:16:19 CDT
Grading Update 0: Linked the real midterm exam (using the Roman alphabet) to the Homework & Exams page. This replaces the gag exam that was there before the test. Grading will start this afternoon, grades should be available by tomorrow. The next grading update will be posted by 18:00 tonight.

11 March 2013, 8:47:08 CDT
Linked the Midterm Exam Review to the lectures pages.

10 March 2013, 16:07:11 CDT
The complete solution to the Spring 2012 Midterm Exam has been posted to the Homework & Exams page.

Don't forget, the midterm exam is on Wednesday, 13 March 2013.

10 March 2013, 12:01:17 CDT
Yawn ... welcome to daylight time. Linked Homework 4 solution to the Homework & Exams page.

8 March 2013, 15:46:27 CST
Updated the slides on the lectures page. To help prepare for the final exam, see the Statically Scheduled MIPS study guide on the study guides page.

5 March 2013, 8:42:34 CST
Due to power issues which shut down networking in the EE building, taking the Web site with it, the Homework 4 deadline has been extended to Friday, 8 March 2013. But, pleeeeezzzzeee, start on it today and ask questions if necessary!!! Also, a special thanks to ECE system administrator Tim Nguyen, who worked late last night fixing this problem.

27 February 2013, 14:31:20 CST
Midterm Exam date set to Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Reminder, Homework 4 assigned, see previous entry.

26 February 2013, 15:16:35 CST
Homework 4 assigned, due Wednesday, 6 March 2013 Friday, 8 March 2013. Don't wait until the last minute to start this assignment.

25 February 2013, 14:00:11 CST
Linked Homework 3 solution to the Homework & Exams page.

19 February 2013, 16:59:05 CST
Spring 2012 Midterm Solution, but just Problems 1 and 2, to the Homework & Exams page.

15 February 2013, 16:46:25 CST
Homework 3 assigned, due Friday, 22 February 2013.

8 February 2013, 8:16:17 CST
Homework 2 assigned, due Friday, 15 February 2013.

1 February 2013, 8:39:32 CST
Homework 1 assigned, due Wednesday, 6 February 2013.

15 January 2013, 9:56:38 CST
Linked Lecture Set 1, course intro to the lectures page.

28 December 2012, 15:01:25 CST
Set up pages for Spring 2013 semester.

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