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Spring 2017: MWF 9:30-10:20 CT, Room 114 Locket Hall Spring 2017 Syllabus
Another challenging but also cool course: Register for GPU Microarchitecture (EE 7722) and learn about the Other Way to organize a CPU, and how to write cool animations including the video on the course home page.

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David M. Koppelman

Study Guides

How to study for the big problems that might appear on the midterm and final exam. Includes good problems to study.

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Slides used in class. Changes and additions made yearly, so use the latest available version.

Homework & Exams

Homework assignments and exams, some with solutions.


A number assigned to each assignment or a letter assigned to each student indicating the demonstrated grasp of the material.


Instructions for using software needed for assignments.


Includes ISA manuals and SPIM documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

MIPS Implementations in Verilog

Verilog descriptions of the MIPS implementations used in class. Code is currently in an early state of refinement.

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Grading Update 6: Course Grades Ready The course grades appear in a table below the Final Average table. Remember, you might need to click refresh due to a longstanding problem with our Web server, one that we hope to fix this summer. Regardless of your grade, I'd like to thank everyone for your effort and interest in this course. Check to make sure that only authorized people are looking over your shoulder, brace yourself for your grade, and click here. Good luck on your other courses and have a good summer!

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Grading Update 5: Everything is graded, all that remains is deciding the letter grade cutoffs. Homework grades and course averages have been posted, click here. Letter grades will be decided tomorrow.

3 May 2017, 14:21:26 CDT
Grading Update 4: Final Exam Grades Ready. The median was 46, the mean was almost 4.5 points higher than the mean of the midterm and the standard deviation is almost one point tighter. The range is [9,84]. For the most important statistic click here (and maybe press refresh). Before determining course grades I'll need to grade Homework 8, and due to other deadlines that might not start until Thursday. Course grades should be available by Friday, maybe sooner. Good luck on your other finals!

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