At the recent LSU Engineering Hall of Distinction induction ceremony, the program included the presentation of Faculty, Staff and Student Awards. Four ECE faculty members were recognized as recipients of titled professorships. In addition, one graduate student and his faculty mentor received Excellence in Engineering Awards.

From left to right: Dr. Kemin Zhou, Mrs. Uma Subramanian (wife of Dr. Ramanujam), Dr. Jagannathan Ramanujam, Dr. Martin Feldman, Mrs. Ellen Feldman, Mrs. Joyce Aravena, Dr. Jorge Aravena, Mrs. Maria Czarnecki, and Dr. Leszek Czarnecki.


Titled Professorships

Dr. Leszek Czarnecki

Alfredo M. Lopez Distinguished Professorship

Dr. Jorge Aravena

Oskar R. Menton Professorship

Dr. Martin Feldman

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. M. "Bubba" Oustalet Distinguished Professorship

Dr. Jagannathan Ramanujam

John E. & Beatrice L. Ritter Distinguished Professorship


Teaching Awards

ECE Instructor John Scalzo was awarded the Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award at a ceremony on May 9, 2006.

This award, which consist of a one-time cash award, are presented annually to faculty in recognition of outstanding undergraduate classroom teaching.

John has been an ECE faculty member since August, 1999 and is currently the Undergraduate Coordinator in addition to teaching courses in Electronics, Linear Systems and RF Design. The faculty and staff congratulate John and feel the award is very appropriate.

Additional note: Dr. Martin Feldman, Professor of Computer & Electrical Engineering received this award in 2003.


ECE Staff recipients of the College of Engineering Education Award

Fall 2005 - Shirley Blair

Summer 2005 - Shirley Blair

2006 ECE undergraduate scholarship recipients

Cheveron Texaco Scholarship

Paxton Kennedy

Brandon McGovern

William H. and Tanya B. Ditto Scholarship

Kathryn Roussel

George Reymond Scholarship

Lindsay Lefever

Justin Guercio

Robert G. Flory Scholarship

Tommy Nguyen


Honors Convocation Awards

At the Spring 2006 Chancellors Honors Convocation, two ECE students were awarded top sophomore (Anshul Tandon) and top junior (Chinyere Nwabugwu) in the college of engineering.

Full Honors Convocation Article

History and Background of the Honors Convocation


Donald W. Clayton Excellence in Engineering Awards

Royston Eejer Siow (2004-2007)

(ECE Ph.D. Student)

Dr. Theda Daniels-Race


Jorge Camacho (2005-2008)

(ECE Ph.D. Student)

Dr. Pratul Ajmera


Dissertation Fellowship Awarded July 2005

Congratulations to ECE graduate student Min Luo, major professor Jorge Aravena, for being awarded a University Dissertation Fellowship for 2005-2006.

Ford Foundation Fellowship Awarded 9 May 2005

Congratulations to ECE postdoc Kim Michelle Lewis for being awarded a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies to continue her research with our very own Dr. Theda Daniels-Race. The award is given to outstanding individuals who are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level.

Dissertation Fellowship Awarded 2004-2005

Congratulations to ECE graduate student Atef Allam, major professor J. Ramanujam, for being awarded a University Dissertation Fellowship for 2004-2005.

ECE Student Recipients of the Edward Mc Laughlin Dean's Medal for Excellence

Fall 2005
Amarachukwu Osisioma, EE & EEC

Spring 2005
Lauren Hatchell, EE & EEC
Karan Singh, EEC

Spring 2004
Dustin Aslin, EEC
Christopher Gagliano, EEC
Mark Richard, EE
Ankit Tandon, EEC (and CSC)

Summer 2003
Allison Mouney, EE

Spring 2003
Phil Bordelon, EEC Justin Clouatre, EE

Fall 2002
Jason Arms, EE

Spring 2002
James Caldwell, EE
Brian Craig, EEC
Jing Jiang, EEC
Thomas Royster IV, EE
Xuefeng Zhuang, EEC

Fall 2001
Seth Prejean, EE

Summer 2001
Vishwani Silochan, EE

Spring 2001
Ryan Guitreau, EE
Chad Kennedy, EEC
W. Leong Mook, EE
Hoe-Hin Ong, EE
Rebecca Plauche, EE

Spring 2000
Kelly Hawkins, EEC

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