LSU ECE Robotics Team Wins 2nd Place at IEEE Region 5 Student Robotics Competition

This follows back to back first place finishes in 2004 and 2005

The LSU 2006 ECE Robotics Team placed second in the robotics competition at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Region 5 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Under the direction of faculty advisor Bryan Audiffred, team members Philp Ducote, Greg Domingue, Drew Barbier, Jason Goleman, Scott Padgett, Ryan Arbour, Brandon Nason, Justin Price and Mariel Losso, competed against 32 registered teams that encompassed the south central United States.

In order to participate in the regional IEEE competition, the students were required to design a robot to sort items in a mock warehouse environment. Each robot was required to identify and retrieve four colored cans and deliver them to a predetermined location. The team’s autonomous robot, called “The GeauxBot”, measured 7” in diameter and retrieved the painted soda cans in the competition arena. The arena was marked with painted lines to aid movement through the eight mock rooms.

Advisor Bryan Audiffred states, “Having placed first and second the past three years, LSU has developed a reputation as THE team to beat. It's an event on practice night when LSU first starts testing as everyone scrambles to benchmark their own performance. When an average robot makes an error in competition everyone says ‘Awwww!’ When we make an error everyone mumbles with secret delight. Nobody likes a winner!” The team’s work began in the fall semester for the spring competition and was funded through the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Students who participate are mostly junior and senior electrical or computer engineering students. They work on their own time and receive no class credit. “We’ve been working on the project since October,” said Scott Padgett, electrical engineering junior and team member. “We had group meetings every other week and we came back over the Christmas holidays and put it all together.”

This is the team’s third consecutive win, as they placed first in the 2004 and 2005 competitions.

Video clips and more photos are available for viewing of the competition at:

LSU Reveille Article (pdf)


LSU Team Wins 2005 Robot Competition

The IEEE robotics team is a group of Electrical and Computer Engineering udergraduate students working to design and win the annual Region 5 Student Robotics Contest. Students work outside of a structured class with the support of the department and sponsors.The objective of the contest was to design a robotic "car" that follows a black line track on a white background in the fastest time. The ECE team beat its nearest competitor by 30%. Team members were Ricky Capone (Team Leader), Lauren Hatchell (IEEE President and Vision Subgroup Leader), Aaron Ard and Colin Hamilton. Bryan Audiffred was the faculty advisor.

Team Members: (Left to Right) Aaron Ard, Lauren Hatchell, Ricky Capone, and Colin Hamilton


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