1. Anil Kumar Goparaju (M.S.): Superposition Coding Based Co-Operative Diversity Schemes. Graduated in Fall 2005, now works at Apple Inc.
  2. Dimeng Wang (M.S.):  Sigma-Delta Modulation Based Distributed Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks.  co-advised with Dr. Gu, Graduated in Spring 2007, now works at Qualcomm. Inc., CA. 
  3. Bandali Akkawi (M.S.): Physical Layer Secrecy Channel Coding. Graduated in Summer 2008, now works at Epic Systems Corporation in Madison, WI. 
  4. George Amariucai (Ph.D.):  Physical Security in Wireless Networks: Intelligent Jamming and Eavesdropping, Graduated in Spring 2009, now an Associate Professor at Kansas State University.  .
  5. Venkat Patcha (M.S.) : Experimental Study of Cognitive Radio Test-bed Using USRP." Graduated in May 2011,  Qualcomm Inc., CA. 
  6. vita_swei2.dvi Benjamin Elliott Carroll (M.S.) Learning and Identification of Wireless Network Inter-node Dynamics Using Software Defined Radio,Jan. 2013.
  7. Yahya Sowti Khiabani, “Achievable Secrecy Enhancement Through Joint Encryption and Privacy Amplification,” Graduated in May 2013, now at Tektronix Communications
  8. Phuoc Doan Vu (M.S.): Graphical Models in Characterizing the Dependency Relationship in Wireless Networks and Social Networks,  August 2014.
  9. Ahsan Ali (Ph.D.), Spectrum Allocation in Networks with Finite Sources and Data-Driven Characterization of Users, May 2015, now at Mathworks.
  10. Limeng Pu (M.S.), Stochastic Modeling of Semantic Structures of Online Movie Reviews, May 2015. (continue Ph.D. at LSU).
  11. Bita Hasheminezhad (M.S.), A Mixed Consensus and Fuzzy Approach to Position Control of Four-Wheeled Vehicles, co-advised with Dr. Gu, defended in Nov. 2016.
  12. Mahmudul Hasan (M.S.),  Estimation of RFID Tag Population Size by Gaus- sian Estimator, defended in April 2017.

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