EE 4702-1 - What's New

6 December 2012, 10:13:42 CST
A one-page 216 by 280 mm note sheet can be used during the final exam. It can have anything on it and can be machine-printed.
4 December 2012, 16:43:50 CST
Linked Homework 5 solution to the previous work page. Solution also checked into the repository.
4 December 2012, 13:13:12 CST
Note that the final exam is Friday, 12:30-14:30.

To practice for the exam, use last semester's Pre-Final Exam and its solution. (These are now linked to previous work.)
1 December 2012, 17:52:36 CST
Linked Homework 1 solution to the previous work page. The solution has been checked into the repo and the code has been linked to the previous work page too.
1 December 2012, 17:28:21 CST
Linked Homework 4 solution to the previous work page.
1 December 2012, 16:16:59 CST
Linked Homework 3 solution to the previous work page. The repository has also been updated with a solution and previous work has links to the shader code and host code.
21 November 2012, 12:08:45 CST
Updated Homework 5 assignment and checked in code. The assignment now has a little more explanation, the checked in code has more comments. If you've already checked things out use "svn update" to update and if asked what to do about a conflict respond "postpone". Have a good Thanksgiving!
20 November 2012, 19:14:29 CST
Homework 5 assigned, due Friday, 30 November 2012.
19 November 2012, 19:04:36 CST
Homework 5 won't be assigned today. In the mean time, read the following sections of The CUDA C Programming Guide: 3.2.2, 3.2.3, and Chapter 4.
16 November 2012, 14:10:39 CST
Homework 4 assigned, due Tuesday, 20 November 2012. This is a paper-only assignment.
13 November 2012, 14:04:12 CST
Linked Homework 2 solution to the previous work page.
9 November 2012, 17:35:55 CST
Homework 3 assigned, due Friday, 16 November 2012. The first two problems are easy, please get them working before Wednesday.
6 November 2012, 18:56:15 CST
Checked in demo-10 (geometery shader) code to svn repository and added code to code examples page.
5 October 2012, 8:09:28 CDT
Posted Project Proposal assignment, due Friday 12 October 2012.
3 October 2012, 19:33:02 CDT
Homework 2 assigned, due Wednesday, 10 October 2012.
3 October 2012, 8:14:12 CDT
Updated OpenGL referenecs on the references page. The new OpenGL reference, 4.3, is much better organized than the older version. Also linked an updated OpenGL quick reference card.
18 September 2012, 18:00:30 CDT
Moved the 11 September What's New entry from the EE 3755 Web page, where it was mistakenly placed, to the EE 4702 Web page. Note that since the homework deadline has passed this doesn't matter.
11 September 2012, 15:24:56 CDT
Notes on Homework 1:
To submit the completed assignment E-mail to me.
Currently there are problems with However, this a ssignment can be completed on any of the other machines labeled GPGPU on the Linux System Web page. Future assignments might be limited to RHEL 6 (version 6 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) GPGPU machines.
7 September 2012, 8:09:40 CDT
Homework 1 assigned, due 12 September 2012. Since this is a computer assignment, your first, it's important to start early. If you did not receive an account in class on Friday please request one via E-mail.
5 September 2012, 13:11:10 CDT
Linked Math for 3D Graphics slides to the lecture slides page. That page also now has links to the bouncing ball (demo-1-simple) and springs (demo-3-springs) demos used in class.
27 August 2012, 15:52:46 CDT
Updated the list of machines on the procedures page. Note that nothing has been assigned yet, but those trying things on their own have run into trouble by using a machine with outdated software. Currently only three machines can be used (ice, frost, and snow) but more machines will become available as thier software is updated. (Updated with frost 27 August 2012, 17:23:33 CDT).
20 August 2012, 10:31:52 CDT
Linked Set 1, Course and System Overview, to the lecture slides page.
25 March 2012, 19:07:33 CDT
Set up Web pages for Fall 2012 semester.

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