Hyperlinks will open the project poster or a Power Point submitted by the students

Projects completed in 2017

Automated Jack Plate Controller

Ice and Snow Prevention System

Audio Management System - Sponsored by PreSonus

Home Safety Sensor Suite

ICAN - Autonomous Trash Can

Following Robot

Off Grid Power System - Sponsored by Providence Photonics

The Color of Music

Electric Wind - Alternative Fire Extinguishing

Modernization of Plasma Sputtering Machine

Channel Selective Wireless Smart Router - Sponsored by Bascom Hunter

Projects completed in 2016

Glove Controlled Robotic Arm System

Street Flooding Warning System

Autonomous Data Acquisition (Floating) Platform

Intelligent Pill Dispenser

Automatic Rangefinder Using Multiview Images

Automated Solder Mask Applicator

Automated Electroplating Vias

Bike Box - Comprehensive bicycle safety and protection device

Home Temperature and Light Regulator

Projects completed in 2015

Dynamic Positioning System Vessel - sponsored by Kongsberg

Electromagnetic Levitation using Diamagnetism

Levitating Globe - utilizes wireless power and stable levitation

Automated Trading Card Sorter

Autonomous Sensor Platform - water vehicle with wireless data transmission and automated web access

Smart Home - based on remote user location

Projects completed in 2014

Line Length Detector with Mobile App

Infant Sleep Monitor

Parking Spot Finder with App

Positioning System for Remote Oil Field Equipment

Voice Controlled Home Design

Industry Motor Protection

Projects completed in 2013

Biometric Device - Principles of EE High School Demo

Power Lab - Principles of EE High School Demo

Smart Car Seat

Rescue Drone

Home Power Management System

Laser Image Projection System

Projects completed in 2012

Principles of EE High School Demo - Centrifuge

Off-Grid Power Generation (Sponsored by Exxon)

Modernization of the Electric Golf Cart

Sound Localization Using Non-calibrated Microphones Part 2 (Sponsored by PreSonus)

Voice Controlled Robot

Musical Tesla Coil

Projects completed in 2011

Sound Localization Using Non-calibrated Microphones

ECE Marquee and Online Interactive Academic Advising

Gearless Wind Turbine - Part 2

Principles of EE High School Demo - EMAG Levitation

Principles of EE High School Demo - μTheremin

Indoor Location System

Overcoming Environmental and Metal Interference using RFID - Part 2

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