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20 November 2017, 13:28:02 CST
Fixed a bug in the Homework 5 code. If you pulled before Mon Nov 20 13:26:07 2017 -0600 (commit ef2eded) you'll need to update. The flaw causes a fatal OpenGL error, and is due to an uninitialized variable. The modified code is in If you haven't modified that file a git pull is safe. If you have modified and don't want to risk learning about merge collisions at a time of year when there's already plenty to do, then make the following change by hand: Add the line bos_tiles[0] = 0; to routine World::init().
17 November 2017, 16:48:16 CST
Homework 5 assigned, due Monday, 27 November 2017.
3 November 2017, 12:52:22 CDT
Changed Homework 4 deadline to 6 November 2017. Also, emphasized the reminder to update the triangle layout.
31 October 2017, 16:00:23 CDT
Linked Homework 3 solution code to the previous work page.
29 October 2017, 13:41:25 CDT
Homework 4 assigned, due 36 November 2017.
25 October 2017, 16:32:11 CDT
Linked the midterm exam solution to the previous work page.
24 October 2017, 18:51:20 CDT
Grading Update 4: Midterm exam grades ready. Some did well, others have room for improvement. The median grade is 49, with a range of [86,19]. FYI, the grades are not kept in a MYSQL database. To find your grade or what that last remark meant, click here.
24 October 2017, 17:55:31 CDT
Grading Update 3: Problems 1-3 graded. Grades should be available in an hour or two. The next grading update will be posted at about 19:00, or maybe later.
24 October 2017, 12:04:14 CDT
Grading Update 2: Midterm exam grading will start soon. Grades may be available late this afternoon. The next grading update will be posted by 18:00.
23 October 2017, 19:00:23 CDT
Grading Update 1: Grading will start by tomorrow early afternoon and should be completed by the late afternoon. The next grading update will be posted at about noon tomorrow. Don't forget about Homework 3.
18 October 2017, 13:23:53 CDT
Grading Update 0:Linked the midterm exam to the previous work page. The post-exam version of the exam includes a link the Key Reinstallation Attacks site, which describes the recently disclosed Krack attack WiFi WPA vulnerability. Please update your OSs (the fix is in Fedora 25, 26, and 27 beta and in MS Windows) and wireless router firmware. Back to the test. Grades will be available some time next week. Updates will be posted, probably a day in advance.

In case anyone has forgotten, Homework 3 is due on Monday.
16 October 2017, 13:15:30 CDT
Linked the midterm exam review slides to the lecture slides page.
13 October 2017, 13:17:20 CDT
The due date for Homework 3 has been changed to Monday, 23 October 2017. Use the extra time to make the platform extra smudgy and the code extra clean. Also, don't forget that the midterm exam is on Wednesday, 18 October 2017.
8 October 2017, 16:08:56 CDT
Linked Homework 1 solution code and Homework 2 solution code to the previous work page. The solution code is also in the repo.
6 October 2017, 19:00:04 CDT
Homework 3 assigned, due Friday, 13 Monday, 23 October 2017.
29 September 2017, 17:41:55 CDT
Added recent slides and demos to the lecture slides page.
25 September 2017, 16:42:32 CDT
Homework 2 assigned, due Tuesday night, 3 October.
18 September 2017, 16:14:02 CDT
Provided a hint to Problem 2 and a better picture in the Homework 1 assignment.
15 September 2017, 13:33:54 CDT
Linked remote access instructions to the procedures page.
14 September 2017, 13:51:37 CDT
Homework 1 assigned, due 20 September 2017.
13 September 2017, 19:03:57 CDT
Homework will be assigned tomorrow before noon13:00 13:3013:45.
28 August 2017, 17:12:32 CDT
Linked brief notes about the bouncing ball demo and the spring demo, and the math notes to the lecture slides page. That page also has links to code used in class.
21 August 2017, 15:03:10 CDT
Linked the lecture slides that I would have used to the lecture slides page.
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