Take Advantage of On-Campus Interviews and Other Career Services Activities

Susan Feinberg, the College of Engineering liaison from Career Services, has provided us with dates and activities that Career Services will be hosting this fall.

The most urgent date relates to our on-campus interviewing (OCI) program.  There are 9 “weeks” in our OCI fall program.  Resume submissions end next week (8/31/2011) for employers interviewing during “Week 1” (9/19/2011-9/23/2011).  Qualified students, per employer entered criteria, will be able to submit their resume on Careers2Geaux until this deadline.  Each Wednesday presents a new deadline.  For employers in “Week 2”, qualified candidates have until 9/7/2011, “Week 3”= deadline of 9/14/2011, etc.  These deadline dates are in the next few weeks and there are several companies your students might be interested in.  Additional employers are being added daily so students should check Careers2Geaux often.

Additionally, here are other events that you may want to attend.

For a full listing of our calendar of recruiting events, please click here.

Finally, Career Services has launched a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LSUCareerServices). Please visit the site and “like” the page. Daily we will post career tips and event information that will prove to be a useful resource for students.

Thank you!

Susan G. Feinberg, M.S. Ed.
Assistant Director, Experiential Education
LSU Career Services
Division of Student Life & Enrollment


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