Spring 1999 ECE Seminar Series Archive
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28 Jan: LSU Library Orientation, Engler   
4 Feb: C.A.M.D., Ajmera   
18 Feb: Fire-Fighting Robot, Audiffred   
25 Feb: Diversity System Evaluation, Annamalai   
2 Mar: Piezoelectric Displays, Feldman   
16 Mar: Cache Prefetching, Koppelman   
23 Mar: Practical Multivariable Sys. Theory, Moore   
25 Mar: Voice, Data, & CDMA, Ramakrishna   
6 Apr: Jet Engine Control, Gu   
20 Apr: Fractional Calculus, Lundstrom   
27 Apr: Configurable Meshes, Fernandez   
3 May: Quantum Dots, Hasan   
13 May: Hot Carrier Degradation, Chen   
17 May: Linear Circuit Analysis, Ochoa   

Seminar Planning
Each seminar is managed by a host, chosen from ECE faculty volunteers. Those wanting to speak should contact a speakerless host from the host list. Those wanting to host should read the host instructions and contact koppel@ee.lsu.edu.

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