Seminar Host Instructions

Each ECE seminar will be managed by a volunteer host. The host chooses the speaker, finds a room and time, and sees that everything gets done, as described below. The host passes on information about the seminar to the seminar coordinator who will prepare schedules and announcements.

Choose Day
To simplify planning hosts should choose a target day as early as possible. Check the chronological host list page to see which times are already taken. When a speaker is chosen the day might be changed, preferably to another day in the same week. E-mail the day to

Choose Speaker
The choice can be based on technical merit, department interests, the host's own interests or biases, bribes, etc. E-mail the speaker's name, affiliation (if not ECE), and seminar title to

Get Abstract
The abstract can be in TEX format or unformatted text. E-mail abstract to

Choose Time and Reserve Room
Most seminars will probably be Tuesday or Thursday at 13:30 in room 117. E-mail time and room number to

Verify Posted Information
Verify that the seminar information posted on the seminar web pages are correct.

Spread the Word
Let those who might be interested know of the talk. This might include class announcements and people in other departments. (Seminar information will be posted around the EE building.)

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