EE 4720 - Lectures

The latest set of lectures are here (which may be this page). The set of links below will not be complete until the end of the semester. For a preview of what is to come see a previous semester's lectures.

Midterm Exam Review   Set 2: Benchmarks  
Final Exam Review   Set 8: Interrupts, Exceptions, and Traps  
Set 1: Course Intro; ISA and Implementation   Set 9: Long Latency Operations (floating point, etc)  
Lecture Slides: MIPS Overview   Set 11: Multiple Issue (VLIW and Superscalar)  
Lecture Slides: Floating-Point MIPS Instructions   Set 12: Branch Prediction, Speculative Execution (Under construction)  
Set 6: Unpiplined and Pipelined MIPS Implementations   Set 10: Dynamic Scheduling (Under Construction)  
Set 2.7: ISA Families Overview; MIPS v. SPARC   Set 13: Caches and Memory (Under Construction)  
Set 2.1: Optimization  

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