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  EE 4250 - Spring 2008

    General Information

  • Title: Digital Integrated Circuits
  • Catalog Description: Prereq.: EE 3220, 3221, and 3232. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab. ABET category: 2 hrs. design; 1 hr. engineering science. Analysis and design of digital integrated circuit logic gates in bipolar and MOS technology; semiconductor memories and their operations.
  • Instructor: Dr. DooYoung Hah
  • Lecture: MW 8:40-9:30 am, 3131 Patrick Taylor
  • Lab: EE 252
    • Section 3: T 3:40-5:30 pm
  • Office hour: MW 9:40-11:10 am, T 9:00-11:00 am, other times by appointment only
  • Textbook: Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits in Deep Submicron Technology, D. A. Hodges, H. G. Jackson and R. A. Saleh, McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition, 2003.
  • Exam Schedule
    • Test1: Feb. 25, M, in-lecture
    • Test2: Apr. 2, W, in-lecture
    • Final: May 5, M, 5:30-7:30 pm

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    A Starting Point for the PSPICE Beginners

  • Find a simulation example that PSPICE offers, and follow the instructions step by step.
    • Run PSpice under OrCAD 16.0 from the START menu.
    • Select HELP from the pull-down menu, and then DOCUMENTATION.
    • Click 2 Simulation Examples.