Louisiana State University 




  Group members



  Ph.D. Students

  Anirban Sarkar

E-mail:               asarka4@tigers.lsu.edu
Research area:   Nanocomposites
  Jeonghwan Kim

E-mail:               kjeong2@tigers.lsu.edu
Research area:   SERS

  Undergraduate Students

  John Bordelon

E-mail:               jbord39@lsu.edu
Research area:   Nanophotonic devices


  Pallavi Rao Malempati (M.S. 2011)

Thesis: Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates Based on Nanoporous Silicon and Pattern Transfer (link)
  Karthik Balasubramanian (M.S. 2011)

Thesis: Foldable Substrates for Micro-Ultrasonic Transducers (link)
  Pradeep Pai (M.S. 2011)

Thesis: Back-end Processing of Scanning Mirrors with Scratch Drive Actuators (link)
  Dan Zhang (M.S. nonthesis, 2011)

  Wenyu Song (M.S. 2009)

Thesis: Two-Dimensional Microscanners with T-shaped Hinges and Piezoelectric Actuators (link)
  Seunghoon Park (M.S. 2007)

Thesis: A Study on Buckled-Beam Actuators for RF MEMS Applications (link)
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