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    Mechanically-tunable optical filter with microring resonators

  • Tunable optical filters are key components in dynamically reconfigurable wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) network.

  • For the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) platform, microring resonators are well-suited resonators, to be used for wavelength selection.

  • Conventional wavelength-tuning methods (i.e. refractive index tuning)

    • Thermo-optic (Joule heaters)

    • Carrier injection (free carrier plasma)

    • Both of the methods above require high standing power consumption.

  • Proposed mechanical tuning methods (Figure 1)

    • No or minimal standing power consumption

    • Fast speed (microseconds)

    • Simple structure

    • Incomplex fabrication

        Fig. 1. Schematic diagrams of the proposed tunable optical filters (a) with an out-of-plane actuator, and (b) with an in-plane actuator.

  • Calculated filter performance with 2-D finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) methods.

        Fig. 2. Snapshots from the FDTD simulation.

        Fig. 3. Output power at the DROP port for various gaps between the index modulator and the microring.