Sample Proteus Output


Proteus is an execution-driven parallel-computer simulator which simulates message-passing and shared-memory parallel computers. It can simulate several network types and memory configurations; additional ones can be added by users. It has extensive facilities for collecting and displaying simulation data. Programs to run on the simulated system are written in an extended version of C.

Output from a simulation of a 16-processor system running an N-queens program appears above; for output from the four Splash 2 kernels follow this link.

What's New

Latest entry added 14 January 1998.


Proteus was written at MIT, primarily by Eric Brewer and Chrysanthaos Dellarocas. A distribution for that version of Proteus can be obtained via

Local Version of Proteus

Proteus has been modified for research being conducted at LSU; major changes include:

Host Requirements

The LSU version of Proteus version 3.11 runs on SPARC systems under SunOS 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.5. Also needed is gcc 2.7.O or later, GNU zip, C++ shared libraries, and Perl5.


Latest Distribution (L3.13) (3.13 MB GNU Zipped tar)

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