EE 4702-1 - References

References for material covered in lectures and needed to complete the assignments. This page will be updated as the semester progresses.

When available, links are provided to full-text versions of the material. If a dialog pops up asking for a username and password use "ee4720" as the username and use the password given in class. This does not apply to the ACM digital library material. Some of the material is copyrighted and requires a subscription (e.g., ACM Digital Library) or one-time payment for access.


The course will use material from the textbooks listed below. The textbooks are not required and in some cases only a chapter or two will be covered.

Linear Algebra Text
A free on-line linear algebra textbook, written by some of the same authors as the Real Time Rendering text. A good resource for brushing up on vectors, matrices, transformations, etc. Version .73 does not seem to cover the projection transformations.
Computer Graphics Text
A good text covering a broad range of topics relevant to the class including mathematics for 3D graphics (linear algebra in Appendix A, transformations in Chapter 4, and intersections in Chapter 16), the graphics software model (the rendering pipeline) and GPU organization (Chapters 2 and 3), and many 3D graphics topics. The text covers graphics topics in greater depth than is necessary for the class. If you want to buy a book for the course, get this one.
OpenGL Texbook
The “Redbook” is a popular textbook covering the OpenGL API. It is much better for beginners than the specifications described further below in the Graphics Processor APIs section. An older edition of the text is freely available, and there is a handy free reference card (check your color ink levels before printing).

Graphics Processor APIs


The OpenGL 4.5 Compatitbility Profile Specification
A description of the OpenGL API for using GPU hardware.

Shader Language APIs

OpenGL Shading Language 4.50
C-like language used to program GPUs.
Survey of Shader Languages
A good survey of shader language APIs, though a bit outdated. Also avaialble from the XEngine project website.

CUDA (Language for Non-Graphical Programming of NVIDIA GPUs)

NVIDIA CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)
CUDA is an API for using a GPU for computation, the computation might be part of a scientific or engineering simulation (the most common application). This programming guide describes CUDA itself but also provides details of some NVIDIA GPUs, including the 8800 series.

Graphics Processor Descriptions

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GPU
Relatively little detail but does cover all major parts of the processor. More information can be gleaned from the CUDA documentation (under GPGPU, above). Also see the GeForce-8800-specific OpenGL extensions.

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