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Prospective Graduate Students

Unfortunately my funding for graduate students is currently fully utilized and I have no further funding available for new graduate students. Therefore I am currently able consider accepting you as an additional graduate student only if you can confirm either that you already have (or expect with high probability to receive shortly) an independent source of funding (e.g., a scholarship for graduate study in the USA, or personal/family funds) or that you are a candidate for receiving University/Departmental support such as a Teaching Assistantship or research scholarship. If you are interested in being considered, you should make a formal application through the correct University channels, i.e. the University Graduate School, and also e-mail direct to me at my e-mail address on my home page (click below) a .PDF copy of your résumé or CV, subject line "Independently supported graduate student application," together with brief text-only and clear responses to the following questions:

(a) How do you expect and intend to fund your studies here?

(b) When did you submit your formal graduate studies application to this University?

(c) Which topics in research particularly interest you?

(d) Have you any prior experience of these fields? Have you taken any courses in these areas?

(e) What do you intend doing afterwards? How will study in my research group prepare you for that?

(f) Why particularly do you want to work with me?

(g) From where did you find my contact details?

Regrettably I am unable to respond to unsolicited messages concerning Graduate Admission except from students having (or expecting soon) independent (or other Graduate/Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant) funding. You will be contacted in due course if I am able to take your application further.

Prospective Post-Doctoral Researchers

If you are looking for a Post-Doctoral position you must respond to a specific advertisement or invitation. Posts are advertised nationwide and I am unable to advise on the placement of specific advertisements. I regret that I am unable to correspond on recruitment matters until a formal application in response to a specific advertisement has been made in accordance with the advertised application procedure. I am unable under any circumstances to consider, comment on, or accept applications or résumés sent directly to me by e-mail without prior invitation or in response to a specific advertisement.

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