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Summer Internship Applicants

Currently applications for student summer internships (i.e., two or three months of research experience during the summer vacation from mid-May to mid-August) are being considered ONLY from students who satisfy the following:

Students who can provide confirmation at the time of making an application that all expenses (including relocation and local travel, University fees, any visa fees, and maintenance) will be paid by an independent source(s) either already arranged by the student or currently being considered by an awards body after an application previously made by the student (e.g., scholarship, travel grant, private funds).

If you are in one of the above categories, please send a brief ASCII TEXT ONLY (no attachments or HTML) message to me at the e-mail address given on my home page (click below) with subject line "Independently supported summer intern application". In this message give details of your current studies including in what subject you are majoring, how far you have progressed in your degree program, and any specialist courses you have taken. Also, list full contact details of three referees (name, address, telephone, fax if available, e-mail, url) who know your work well.

Unfortunately, at the moment only student summer intern applicants falling into one of the categories listed above can be considered.

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