EE 4755, Digital Design Using HDLs

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Fall 2017: MWF 9:30-10:20 CT Room 225 Tureaud Hall
Fall 2017 Syllabus

Current Lectures

Lecture slides and examples used in class.


Instructions on how to use the software, including the Verilog simulation, Verilog synthesis, and Emacs (text editor).


Software manuals and information on Verilog.

Study Guide

Additional material on Verilog inference and synthesis.


Assignments and Exams

Includes solutions.
Screenshot of design.
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20 September 2017, 16:06:38 CDT
The homework assignment available before 16:06 today had a small error in the description of functions a(x) and ai(j). In both cases an a1 term was missing. The assignment has been corrected. The module interp_behav, which implements ai(j), was always correct.

19 September 2017, 14:26:27 CDT
Linked the Homework 1 solution to the assignments and exams page.

18 September 2017, 18:51:44 CDT
Homework 2 assigned, due 25 September 2017

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