EE 4702-1, GPU Programming

Lecture Slides
Slides used for classroom lectures.
Code Examples
Neat versions of the code used in class, including the project code.
Computer Status
The current status of the computers in Room 126 EE Building. Updated every 10 minutes.
Homework & Exams
Homework assignments and exams.
Instructions for running software used in this course, including software needed for homework assignments.
References for lectures and homework assignments.
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18 September 2017, 16:14:02 CDT
Provided a hint to Problem 2 and a better picture in the Homework 1 assignment.
15 September 2017, 13:33:54 CDT
Linked remote access instructions to the procedures page.
14 September 2017, 13:51:37 CDT
Homework 1 assigned, due 20 September 2017.
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