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8 May 2014, 10:25:32 CDT
The code for Problem 4 was omitted from the final exam until about 10:25 today. The current copy has been updated.
8 May 2014, 8:18:14 CDT
Due to a family emergency, I will be out of town until Monday or later. Please E-mail me the completed exams some time on Saturday. Do not slide the exams under the door, I might not get back until late next week. I will be checking E-mail but I won't have alot of time on Friday to answer messages.
7 May 2014, 21:27:45 CDT
Final Exam posted. Solutions are due Saturday, 10 May 2014..
7 May 2014, 14:04:04 CDT
Linked partial Homework 5 solution to the previous work page. Check at 18:00 19:30 21:00 22:00 for the take-home final.
3 May 2014, 19:14:23 CDT
For Pre-Final Problem 1c, only consider the on_demand kernel. The posted version of the exam has been updated to include this clarification.
2 May 2014, 18:49:19 CDT
Pre-Final posted. Solutions are due Tuesday, 6 May 2014..
2 May 2014, 16:24:17 CDT
The Echelon slides are linked to the GPU descriptions page.
25 April 2014, 15:20:05 CDT
Homework 5 assigned, due Friday, 2 May 2014. Use git pull to get an updated copy of the repo with the new assignment. The assignment requires a Phi, so updating it on the ECE computers will only let you see the code.
23 April 2014, 19:32:41 CDT
We will be focusing on the following two papers for the rest of the semester, and questions from the final may be based on them. These papers are freely accessible within Off campus provide the userid ee4720 and the password given in class. (Not your class-account password, it's a password needed for papers, one that's easy to remember. E-mail me if you need the password.) The first, Keckler, Micro 2011, is an NVIDIA-employee-authored paper describing a hybrid chip containing CPU-like and GPU-like cores, though the GPU-like cores are not tweaked Kepler cores. The second, Kim, ISCA 2013, is an academic research paper looking at hardware techniques to overcome the waste of "scalar" values (values which are the same for each thread in a warp) occupying a register in each thread, the same is done for values which follow a stride. We will compare the hardware described in these two papers with the Kepler and Phi organizations, thinking about hardware complexity and programming difficulty.
16 April 2014, 10:28:38 CDT
Homework 4 assigned, due Thursday, 24 April 2014.` See an earlier whats new entry for a link to the paper needed for this assignment.
11 April 2014, 15:15:26 CDT
Linked Phi notes to the lecture notes page.
11 April 2014, 14:18:32 CDT
In preparation for the next assignment read Stratton 12 Inpar, a paper that looks at GPU architectural features and the algorithms features sensitive to them across two NVIDIA GPU generations. An assignment will be posted later.
4 April 2014, 14:36:14 CDT
Updated the radix sort notes linked to the lecture notes page.
21 March 2014, 18:19:15 CDT
Homework 3 assigned, due Friday, 28 March.
25 February 2014, 18:00:56 CST
Homework 1 and Homework 2 assigned. Homework 1 is due Friday, 28 February and Homework 2 is due Friday, 7 March 2014. Be sure to start early so that any computer problems can be resolved.
24 February 2014, 19:04:01 CST
The homework will be assigned some time tomorrow.
21 February 2014, 15:13:03 CST
The command to check stuff out of the repository of class material is:
git clone git://
The command used in class won't work.
31 January 2014, 15:28:57 CST
Linked the Cores lecture (not basic concepts) to the lecture notes page. These will be updated from time to time.
22 January 2014, 13:42:08 CST
Linked updated the Basic Concepts of parallelism and Basic Concepts of cores slides which are linked to the lecture notes page.
15 January 2014, 16:35:27 CST
Linked Course Overview and Basic Concepts lecture slides to the lecture notes page. These slides will be updated in the next few days.
23 October 2013, 16:01:53 CDT
Set up Web pages for Spring 2014 semester.
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