EE 7700-1: Embedded Systems

Call No: 1745                              Spring 2003

Title: EE 7700-1: Embedded Systems
Call No.: 1745
Professor: J. (Ram) Ramanujam, 345 EE Bldg., 578-5628 (Email: jxr AT ece PERIOD lsu PERIOD edu)
Time: 9:40 - 10:30 MWF
Place: 145 Electrical Engineering Building
Text: Class notes and recent papers from the literature. NO REQUIRED TEXT
References: 1.  Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded System Design,
        Wayne Wolf, Morgan Kaufmann, 2001.
2.  Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits,
        Giovanni DeMicheli, McGraw-Hill, 1994.
Prerequisites:   Graduate standing. No need for background in VLSI or compilers.
Goals: To familiarize students with the techniques used in (i) embedded systems design;
(ii) compilation techniques for embedded processors; and (iii) aspects of real-time scheduling.

Description: The course deals with three areas of embedded systems.

  • Processors and Software for Embedded Systems: We will discuss material on the architecture and compilation of embedded processors such as the architecture of digital signal processors (DSPs), and compilation techniques for these processors for DSP applications. We will also discuss multi-media applications and issues in scheduling in real-time systems.

  • Embedded Systems Design: We will discuss aspects of scheduling, hardware/software co-design, and design space exploration.

  • Real-Time System Scheduling:: The third area that we will discuss is scheduling of real-time systems consisting of periodic, sporadic and aperiodic tasks on single and multiple processors. Static-priority (rate-monotonic, deadline-monotonic) and dynamic-priority scheduling (earliest-deadline first, ...) techniques will be discussed in detail.

Course Topics:  (A large subset of these will be covered)

Grading: (Tentative; will finalize by January 28th)