Workshop on Compilers and Operating Systems for Low Power (COLP'02)


In conjunction with
PACT'02: International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
September 22, 2002

New deadline for submission: August 10, 2002

Power consumption has increasingly become important in computer systems. Current designs of processor cores are predicting power figures above 100 Watts. The management of power consumption while simultaneously delivering acceptable levels of performance is becoming a critical task with the proliferation of application domains such as wireless communication and embedded signal processing. In addition, it has become increasingly important to manage power consumption in high-performance, general purpose microarchitectures. It has been forecast that, without significant advances in design for low power, processors of the future will consume hundreds of watts of power. We believe that a synergistic hardware-software approach is required. A lot of attention has been paid to optimizing power at the circuit and gate levels. Recently, power optimizations at the architecture and software (i.e., compiler, operating system, and application) level have begun to receive increasing attention. The purpose of this workshop is to draw together researchers and practitioners concerned with compiler and operating system support for low power for a stimulating exchange of views. Presentations from invited speakers from both the industry and academia will provide insights into emerging issues related to this area of research. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

The format of the workshop will include presentations of selected papers and plenty of time for discussion.

Submission Guidelines

Papers will be accepted on the basis of their novelty and relevance to the theme of the workshop. Papers should be at most 6 pages in length. The papers should be submitted in either postscript or PDF format by email to the following address: Please include the following information in plain text with the submission: Hard copy (postal) submissions will not be accepted.

Please email submissions by August 10, 2002. You should receive an acknowledgment of your submission by the following week. Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by August 23, 2002 and the final papers are due by September 13, 2002.

All submissions will be refereed, and workshop attendees will receive copies of all accepted papers.

Important Dates

     August    10:   Electronic submission due
     August    23:   Notification of authors
     September 13:   Final version of papers due

Workshop Co-Chairs

Diana Marculescu, Carnegie Mellon University  
J. Ramanujam, Louisiana State University      

Program Committee

Luca Benini, DEIS Universita' di Bologna      
David Brooks, Princeton University            
R. Chandramouli, Stevens Institute of Technology
Bruce Childers, University of Pittsburgh      
Marco Cornero, STMicroelectronics              
Nikil Dutt, University of California, Irvine  
Rajiv Gupta, University of Arizona            
Mary Janie Irwin, Penn State University       
Mahmut Kandemir, Penn State University        
Uli Kremer, Rutgers University                
Rainer Leupers, University of Dortmund        
Ragunathan Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University
Anand Sivasubramaniam, Penn State University  
Vamsi K. Srikantam, Agilent Laboratories      
Chau-Wen Tseng,  University of Maryland          
Arnout Vandecappelle, IMEC/DESICS              
N. Vijaykrishnan, Penn State University