Louisiana State University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
EE 4780 - Introduction to Computer Vision
Spring 2008
Class Schedule:
    MWF 9:40pm - 10:30pm
    Tureaud - 213
    Dr. Bahadir K. Gunturk
    Room: ECE - 225
    Tel: (225) 578 - 5621
    Office Hours: MTWThF 10:40am-12:00pm
Topic Lecture Study Material Notes
1 Introduction, digital image processing fundamentals Introduction  
2 Linear systems, Image enhacement, Matlab tutorial Linear systems

Image enhacement

Matlab exercise

Bilateral filter

Problem Set 1 [solution]

No class on Wednesday Jan.30

Problem Set 2

3 Image segmentation Lecture slides  
4 Edge detection Lecture slides

Sample questions for the Final


Watershed example

5 Morphology Lecture slides  
6 Fourier Transform Lecture slides  
7 Discrete Fourier Transform Lecture slides

Image enhancement (frequency domain) Problem Set 3 MRI Cameraman

8 Image Restoration Lecture slides, Exercise  
9 Image interpolation

Stereo vision

Image interpolation

Lecture slides on stereo vision

10 Optical flow

Lecture slides



11 Radiometry, photometric stereo

Lecture slides

12 Image compression, fixed-length coding, huffman coding, JPEG standard


JPEG compression

Huffman coding example