NSF CDER Instructor Training Workshop

Integrating Parallel & Distributed Computing

in Introductory Computer Engineering and Computer Science Classes


July 31, 2023 to August 4, 2023

Louisiana State University Baton Rouge


Who: Instructors teaching beginning Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science Courses in US institutions. Typical courses include digital logic, CS 1 or 2 (first programming), data structures and discrete math.

Develop Skills and activities to help prepare students for the future computing.

Experience Hands-on modules for PDC integration

Network with other instructors

Opportunities to publish your work

Prepare your students for the modern workforce


When and Where: July 31, 2023 to August 4, 2023, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge

Applications will be Considered: Starting April 17, 2023

Notification: Starting May 1, 2023


$5000 Stipend

$3,000 on completion of training, $2,000 on submitting course enhancement for publication

Must teach and have an appointment at a US institution

Please ask us about other possibilities if you do not qualify for the stipends

For more details contact

R. Vaidyanathan: vaidy@lsu.edu

Sushil Prasad: sushil.prasad@utsa.edu

Sheikh Ghafoor: SGhafoor@tntech.edu  

Alan Sussman: als@cs.umd.edu

Charles Weems: cweems@cs.umass.edu


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