Louisiana State University 
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-5901
Tel:  225-578-5241
Fax: 225-578-5200

The department offers two undergraduate programs of study, electrical and computer engineering, both leading to the BSEE degree. The curricula provide a broad background through the required course sequence. Elective courses permit students to specialize in electronics, energy, systems and signal processing, or computer systems. Both programs are accredited by ABET.

The department is the focus for research and graduate education in electrical and computer engineering in the state of Louisiana. It offers programs of study leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Areas of study are computers (including computer architectures, parallel and distributed processing, and fault-tolerant computing), information technology (including software, networks, and embedded systems), electronics (including device-oriented electronics, solid-state materials and VLSI design), communication systems (including digital communication, computer and data networks, data compression, and digital signal processing), control systems (including nonlinear, robust, time varying control, and system identification), and electric power systems (including energy conservation, power delivery, and power electronics).

There are 28 faculty working in eight areas of electrical and computer engineering. Undergraduate enrollment (sophomore-senior) is 510 students and represents 25% of the College of Engineering. The total graduate student population is about 110 students of which 30 are doctoral students.

Kemin Zhou - Interim Chairman
Jorge L. Aravena - Graduate Adviser
Charles H. Voss, Jr. - Undergraduate Adviser
John Scalzo - Undergraduate Adviser
Ahmed El-Amawy - IEEE Student Branch Coordinator
Jerry Trahan - Eta Kappa Nu Adviser
Pius Egbelu - Dean of Engineering

Ahmed El-Amawy - Computer Area
Pratul K. Ajmera - Electronics Area
Jorge L. Aravena - Systems Area
Leszek Czarnecki - Power Area