ECE Robot Team Places Third in IEEE Region 5 Competition

5 April 2014

A team of students from ECE and other areas of the engineering placed third in the Region 5 IEEE Robot Competition, held 5 April 2014 at the Omni Bayview Hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. The students, from left to right in the photo to the right, are Collin Lee (Mechanical Eng), Gregory Garner (ECE), Joshua Duncan (ECE), Daniel Quebedeaux (ECE), Nicolas Aguirre (ECE), Jeffrey Handal (IEEE)-in picture but not team member. The students were advised by ECE faculty member R. Vaidyanathan and Mechanical Engineering faculty member Michael C. Murphy.

For the competition the robot had to put out a simulated oil rig fire, and had to do so autonomously. Cardboard cutouts were used to represent flames, and semi-circular cutouts represented waves, which the robots had to avoid. The robot had to: