ECE Seeks Capstone Project Sponsors

10 February 2009

ECE is expanding its undergraduate offerings with a senior capstone design course starting in the Fall 2009 semester. The course aims to prepare new graduates by providing them with a realistic engineering design experience. Students will participate in teams to complete a year-long engineering project that includes analytical design and physical prototyping.

The class represents a unique opportunity for students to coordinate with industry. ECE is actively seeking industry sponsors for electrical- and computer-oriented problems. Sponsors would offer an advisory engineering role throughout the course and retain intellectual property rights created by their team of engineering students. It is customary for sponsors to fund materials necessary for the project. Space and basic equipment is maintained by the Department to support the capstone design students. All projects are rigorously tracked by a faculty advisor.

Companies that may have a project suitable in scope for a capstone design team or who have any questions regarding the opportunity can contact the course instructor, Bryan Audiffred. Project proposals are collected in the Summer prior to the Fall course launch