Students working in the lab.
VLSI Laboratory
Ashok Srivastava
The lab provides, in an instruction setting, computers equipped with industry-level VLSI design software, for digital and mixed-signal VLSI circuits design.
Room 125 EE Building

Lab Highlights

Lab Courses

  • EE 4242 - VLSI Design
  • EE 7242 - VLSI Systems
  • EE 7248 - Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design

The VLSI Design Laboratory is equipped with 16 state-of-the art Dell Optiplex 755 PCs with Intel Quad-Core processors, 24 inch high-resolution monitors and a projector. All PCs are loaded with the following CAD VLSI design tools: Cadence, Tanner Research (L-EDIT) and MOSIS-compatible technology files for design of digital, analog/mixed-signal VLSI circuits in submicron/deep submicron CMOS technologies. The laboratory is an integral part of a senior design course EE 4242 VLSI Design course and is also used for EE 7242 VLSI Systems, EE 7248 Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design and independent studies and research up to graduate level.