Motor-load set and associated hardware.
Variable Speed Drives Laboratory
Ernest Mendrela
A digital-signal-processing-based electric drives laboratory.
Room 118B EE Building

Lab Highlights


Lab Courses

  • EE 4490 - Adjustable Speed Drives

The Lab is the integral part of the EE 4490 Adjustable Speed Drives course. It is DSP based electric drives laboratory. There are four major components of the available lab equipment which are used to perform all the lab experiments:

  • Motor - Load Set,
  • Power Electronics Drive board,
  • DSP based DS1104 R&D controller, and
  • CP 1104 I/O board.

The DS1104 R&D controller is programmed applying the Matlab/Simulink software and with the use of CP 1104 I/O board and Power Electronics Drive board the motor-load set is controlled.

There are 8 lab experiments: Experiment 1 and 2 introduce students to Matlab/Simulink modeling and DSP programming of electric drives. The Experiments 3 - 6 are on modeling and testing of DC variable speed drives based on PM DC motors. The Experiments 7 and 8 concern the induction motor speed control.

By performing all lab experiments students can learn how to build a simple dynamic models of electric drives in Matlab/Simulink and how to control more complex systems such as feed-back control of DC motor drives and V/f speed control of induction motors using DSP controllers.