Student working in senior design lab.
Senior Design Laboratory
The lab provides the broad range of equipment and supplies needed by seniors in Electrical and Computer Engineering to complete a capstone project.
Rooms 326, 334, and 351 ERAD Building

Lab Highlights

  • The lab provides a setting for the culminating two-semester experience of planning, designing, and building some practical device.
  • Many projects financially supported by outside sponsors.

Lab Courses

  • EE 4810 - Senior Design I
  • EE 4820 - Senior Design II

The electrical and computer engineering curriculum concludes with a culminating design experience. Students work in teams with a faulty mentor to tackle and engineering design project. Students are required to research and develop multiple concepts to meet the requirements specification. A conceptual design review presentation results in a concept selection. Students then develop a functional decomposition, a behavior model, computer simulations, and a budget in preparation for the final design review. Upon completion of the final design review, students are awarded their budget and ordering materials begins.

In the second semester students utilize the equipment in the lab to begin assembly and test of their design. Four stations in ERAD 326 provide equipment to solder, instruments to test circuits and a PC. Students have access electronics toolkits, components, logic testers and lockers to store hardware. ERAD 351 also provides space for larger assembly and running tests. There is also a large collection of components and hardware for students to use on their projects.