Students working in the lab.
Electronics II Laboratory
Students construct and evaluate circuits that include differential amplifiers, TTL logic, oscillators, etc.
Room 238 EE Building

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Lab Highlights

  • Students familiarized EE laboratory instruments, tools, and practices.

Lab Course

  • EE 3221 - Electronics Laboratory II

The electronics labs are designed to introduce students to the principles of test and measurement using fundamental tools like the digital multi-meter, function generator, and oscilloscope. Typical experiments include diode circuits, simple filters, transistor amplifiers, and operational amplifier examples. The lab class is designed to follow the corresponding electronics course closely and reinforce the theoretical concepts. Students generally co-register for the electronics classes and matching labs.

Students work in pairs to assemble and test circuits under the guidance of a lab instructor. Experimental results are compared to analytical expectations in weekly written reports. Students directly witness practical effects of component tolerances and non-ideal behaviors while mastering fundamentals of essential test equipment necessary for further study. The Electronics Lab also introduces students to basic concepts of computer based test and measurement using PC based instrumentation hardware from a leading vendor.