Students working in the lab.
Electric Machines Laboratory
Ernest Mendrela
Equipped with the four major types of electric machines.
Room 118C EE Building

Lab Highlights


Lab Courses

  • EE 4422 - Electric Machine Design

The Electric Machines Laboratory is a part of EE 4422 Electric Machine Design course. It is equipped with the four major types of electric machines: DC machines, induction machines, synchronous machines and transformers, as well as dynamometers, variable and constant AC and DC supply and with meters to measure voltages, currents, power and speed.

There are 16 experiments during which students determine the DC and AC machine electromechanical characteristics and analyze the machine performance under variable supply and load in steady-state conditions.

By performing the lab experiments students can learn how to wire the measurement stand, perform the experiment applying variable supply voltage and variable load, and study the performance of electric machines in steady-state conditions.