Students working in the lab.
Digital Control Laboratory
Guoxiang Gu and Kemin Zhou
Facilities for the design, test, and analysis of control systems supporting courses at the junior and senior levels.
Room 355 ERAD Building

Lab Highlights

  • Hands-on experience.

Lab Courses

  • EE 3530 - Introduction to Control Engineering
  • EE 4580 - Topics in Control System Design
  • EE 4585 - Discrete Control System Design

The Digital Control Laboratory is currently under development and made possible by the generous support from Edwin “Burt” and Norma McNeil. This lab was initially built to support education for ECE undergraduate students focusing on the analog and continuous-time control techniques. After renovations this lab will house state of the art digital control equipment based on digital signal processors and software development tools. Students will be exposed to advanced digital control technology, learn valuable hardware knowledge and acquire software programming skills, in addition to their classroom learning experience.

The Digital Control Laboratory will impact all undergraduate control courses. The discrete-time control course, EE 4585, is being revised to include lab experiments so that students can have hands-on experience in engineering aspects of digital control technology. The development of this lab was led by Bixiang Tang, with the participation of Iman Khademi and Abhishek Pandey, and was supervised by Professor Guoxiang Gu.