Student working in the lab.
Advanced Electronics Laboratory
Ashok Srivastava
State-of-the art electronic measurement and testing equipment supporting senior-level electronics courses.

Lab Highlights

  • State-of-the-art electronic measurement and testing equipment.

Lab Courses

  • EE4240 Linear Circuit Design (analog)
  • EE4250 Digital Integrated Circuits

The Advanced Electronics Laboratory is associated with two senior design courses: EE4240 Linear Circuit Design (analog) and EE4250 Digital Integrated Circuits. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the art electronic measurement and testing equipment. There are 6 work benches and each consists of TEK 100 MHz AFG 3102 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator, TEK 350 MHz DPO 4034 Four Channel Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope, Fluke 8846A 6-1/2 Digital Precision Multimeter, Instek GPS-2303 Laboratory DC Power Supply. Oscilloscope and function generator in each work bench are connected to the internet over the LAN for real time remote experimentation. The laboratory is also equipped with a projector for instruction.