Emacs Lisp Package

Whim Lock (p-whim-lock) and Hi Lock (hi-lock)

With the hi-lock and p-whim-lock commands text matching interactively entered regexp's can be highlighted. For example, `M-x highlight-regexp RET clearly RET RET' will highlight all occurrences of `clearly' using a yellow background face. New occurrences of `clearly' will be highlighted as they are typed. `M-x unhighlight-regexp RET' will remove the highlighting. Any existing face can be used for highlighting and a set of appropriate faces is provided. The regexps can be written into the current buffer in a form that will be recognized the next time the corresponding file is read.
Hi-lock will be included in Emacs 21, it will be posted here after Emacs 21 is released.

Whim Lock: (plain) (html) for Emacs 20.

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