The 18th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture

HPCA-18 Workshops and Tutorials

Schedule Overview:

Saturday, February 25
Sunday, February 26
8:30 or 9:00
Ocelot and SST-MacSim Simulator
Susatainability and Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Security for Computer Architects
Arch. and Application Exploration of Micro-Server Systems
break (coffee provided)
morning sessions continued
lunch break
INTERACT-16 continued
Ocelot and STT-MacSim Simulator continued
InfiniBand & High-Speed Ethernet  (begins at 1:00)
SHAW-3 continued
UCAS-7 continued
Security for Computer Architects continued
Accelerator Architectures for General-Purpose Computing
break (coffee provided)
afternoon sessions continued, ending by 5:00


Workshop on Interaction between Compilers and Computer Architectures (INTERACT-16), Feb. 25

3rd Workshop on SoCs, Heterogeneous Architectures and Workloads (SHAW-3), Feb. 26 (new date)

The First Workshop on Architecture and Application Exploration of Micro-Server Systems, Feb. 26 AM

Acclerator Architectures for General-Purpose Computing: from a Hardware, System Software and Application's Perspective, Feb. 26 PM

The 7th International Workshop on Unique Chips and Systems (UCAS-7), Feb. 26

The First Workshop on Communication Architectures for Clouds and Data Centers (CACD), Feb. 26 (cancelled)


Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Design and Operation, Feb. 25 AM

InfiniBand and High-Speed Ethernet Architectures for Scientific and Enterprise Computing: Opportunities and Challenges, Feb. 25 PM

Tutorial on Ocelot and SST-MacSim Simulator, Feb. 25

Security for Computer Architects, Feb. 26 New 1/24/2012: The first 15 students can register for the Security for Computer Architects Tutorial for free!

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