Electronics Lab

Faculty Supervisor:
John Scalzo
238 EE Building

Course Synopses

EE 2231 is the first electrical engineering lab. Students are able for the first time to build and test circuits and principles they have studied. Students perform 11 labs ranging from simple resistive circuits to building a transistor curve tracer. Students build circuits using a range of semiconductor devices they are learning about in the first electronics lecture taken simultaneously with the lab.

EE 3221 is the second electronics lab where students continue to build and also design a range of circuits and systems, including an AM transmitter receiver system and a digital voltmeter. Many of the circuits built in this lab are designed by the students. Beginning in the fall semester 2003 students will begin integrating virtual instrumentation into their labs. This software will allow students to create many different instruments that are not presently in the lab or even exist at all as stand alone equipment.


6 lab stations containing:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Full-function prototype board
  • Function generator
  • Curve tracer
  • Frequency counter

One Windows PC with National Instrument's Elvis virtual instrumentation suite and LabVIEW software. There are tentative plans to replace lab stations with this.

Last Updated: 8.21.2003