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Name and Rank Highest Degree Areas of Specialization
Assistant Professor Ph.D. (2013), Illinois Institute of Technology
Power System Relaying and Protection, Digital Relay Algorithms and Real-time Digital Testing of PC Equipment, Power System State Estimation, Monitoring and Protection, Resilience-based Dynamic Assessment, Planning and Operation, Application of Advance Optimization Methods on PSS Design.
Mark & Carolyn Guidry Professor Ph.D. (2001), University of Cincinnati
MEMS & BioMEMS, Biosensors & bioelectronic devices, Microfluidic devices & systems, Lab on a chip systems, Nanomagnetic particle separators for biomedical applications, Nanoscale transducers
Alfredo Lopez Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1969), Silesian Tech. University, Poland;
D.Sc. (1984), Silesian Tech. University, Poland
Power electronics, nonsinusoidal systems, network analysis and synthesis
Michel B. Voorhies Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1990), Cornell University
Nanoelectronics: materials deposition, characterization, and device structure fabrication; investigation of nanoscale electro-optical phenomena; quantum science.
Instructor M.S. (2000), Louisiana State University
Neural networks, microprocessor interfacing
Associate Professor Ph.D. (2014), University of Nevada, Reno
Design, modeling and control of power electronics converters in renewable energy and electrified transportation systems.
F. Hugh Coughlin/CLECO Distinguished Professor, IEEE Fellow Ph.D. (1988), University of Minnesota
Networked control systems, and consensus control; Estimation, detection, and security for distributed sensor networks; Robust, optimal, and adaptive control with industrial applications
ISC Constructors Associate Professor Ph.D. (2014), Mississippi State University
Power systems operation and planning, decentralized/distributed optimization, decision-making in smart grids, renewable energy and energy storage integration, infrastructure interdependency analyses in future power systems.
Associate Professor Ph.D. (1988), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Advanced computer architectures, multiprocessors, interconnection networks
Oskar K. Menton Endowed Professor Ph.D. (2008), Stony Brook University
Computer graphics, visualization, medical imaging, vision, geometric modeling, computer animation and simulation, virtual reality/environment, computer aided geometric design, and human-computer interaction.
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (1997), Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Ph.D. (2002), University of Delaware

Wireless communications, information theory, signal and image processing, neural networks, computation and complexity.
Associate Professor, Newton B Thomas Professorship

Ph.D. (2009), Missouri University of Science and Technology (Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla)

Power systems stability, renewable energies, smart grid, energy conversion, and nonlinear, adaptive, and decentralized control.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (2014), University of Alberta, Edmonton

Cyber-Physical Systems, Event Triggered Control/Estimation/Optimization, Multi-agent Systems, Networked Control Systems, Time-delay Systems, Stochastic Systems, and Applications (Green Buildings, Smart Cities, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles)
Michel B. Voorhies Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1987), University of Michigan
Wireless communications, communication theory, telecommunication networks, signal and image processing, machine learning.
Mark & Carolyn Guidry Associate Professor Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering (2009), Purdue University
BioMEMS and microfluidic devices, single cell analysis, cellular biomechanics, resonant MEMS devices, bioanalytic instrumentation
Professor, Gerard L. “Jerry” Rispone Professorship Ph.D. (2005), University of Florida
Computer Architecture, Microarchitecture, Memory Hierarchy, Reliability, Power Efficiency, Performance Analysis, Network Processor.
Instructor M.S. Electrical Engineering (2000), University of Texas, Dallas; M.S. Physics (1998), University of Southwestern Louisiana
Plasmas for semiconductor fabrication, ion beam materials analysis
Professor, Michel B. Voorhies Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1980), Kurukshetra University, India
Internet, ATM, Traffic modeling, Digital logic testing and Hardware and software reliability
John E. and Beatrice L. Ritter Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1990), The Ohio State University
Optimizing compilers, High performance computing, Embedded systems, Low power computing, Computer architecture
Wilbur D. and Camille V. Fugler, Jr. Professor of Engineering Ph.D. (1975), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Low power VLSI design, nanoelectronics, RF MEMS/NEMS, microsystems
Division Chairman
Chevron Professor
Ph.D. (1988), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Theory of computation, models of parallel computation, reconfigurable meshes, run-time reconfiguration, reliability, algorithm design and analysis
Elaine T. and Donald Cecil Delaune Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (1990), Syracuse University
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Algorithms, Reconfigurable Computing and Interconnection Networks
Professor, Rubicon Professorship Ph.D. (2002), Stanford University
Theory and simulation of photonic materials and devices, nanoscale photonic devices, plasmonics, computational electromagnetics.
Professor, Michel B. Voorhies Distinguished Professor Ph.D. (2003), University of Massachusetts
OFDMA networks, Multiple antenna systems, Communications
Professor, Michel B. Voorhies Professorship Ph.D. (1999), University of Florida
Statistical learning on optimization, estimation and detection applications, embedded algorithms for digital signal processing, speech and image processing, and wireless communications
Assistant Professor Ph.D. (2008), Yale University
Biomedical instrumentation, bio-nano electronics, image-guided surgery, biomedical imaging
Associate Professor Ph.D. (2011), Georgia Institute of Technology
Wireless communications, statistical signal processing, cross-layer optimization, and cognitive radio and spectrum coexistence.

Adjunct and Emeriti (See also tenure-track and instructors.)

Name and Rank Highest Degree Areas of Specialization
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (1975), North Carolina State University
Semiconductor materials and devices, material processing, MEMS, integrated microsystems.
Heath Berry
Ph.D. (2010), Louisiana Tech University
Micro / Nanosystems Engineering.
Professor Emeritus Ph.D. (1962), Cornell University
Applied optics, X-ray lithography, micromachining
Professor Emeritus Ph.D. (1970), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Wireless, communications, neural networks, and quantum information processing.
Instructor-Adjunct M.S. (1982), Mississippi State University
Protective relaying, substations, excitation systems, power plant instrumentation, switchgear, large motors, metering and Scada systems.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Research Ph.D. (2009), Louisiana State University
Computer vision, machine learning.