Subhash Kak, Delaune Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, recently published a resolution to the Twin Paradox in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics. This paradox was first suggested by Albert Einstein over a hundred years ago in his paper on the theory of relativity, when discussing the slowing down of moving clocks compared to stationary clocks. This resolution was the topic of hundreds of news stories around the globe and it became the most popular science story of the world at the portal for over a month.

The following links are to the press release by the International Journal of Theoretical Physics, and to an article in the LSU Reveille:

Professor Kak’s ( ) research and teaching interests in the ECE Department include wireless, communications, neural networks, and quantum information processing. He also works on cryptography and recently he published on how to increase the security of electronic voting machines and protect against software bugs in them.

However, to sample the breadth of Dr. Kak’s work one has only to perform a Google search of “Subhash Kak” to obtain 117,000 English pages referenced.

In addition to his ECE activity, Professor Kak is a philosopher, a renowned authority on ancient Indian science and technology (, and author of 15 books that include four books of poetry ( He is also a Sanskrit scholar.

Lest one thinks he “lives in the past,” note that he periodically publishes articles dealing with world-wide current events (



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