Research Facilities

The extensive departmental computing facilities include a network of workstations supporting a variety of operating systems and applications. The Solid State Laboratory is the only one of its kind in Louisiana for interdisciplinary research in the areas of semiconductor material growth, characterization, device fabrication, and measurements. This laboratory includes a Class-100 clean room for photolithography. Departmental faculty are also involved with the Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD).

The VLSI Systems Design Laboratory is used for instruction and research, both for designing smart silicon VLSI chips and for VLSI device modeling. Designs can be sent via electronic mail to silicon foundry (MOSIS) for chip fabrication. The laboratory is fully equipped with VLSI CAD tools and high-speed data acquisition system for digital, analog/mixed-signal designs.

The Systems Laboratory, and the Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory, house several high-powered SUN work stations, personal computers, data acquisition, high speed audio signal capturing hardware and software, dynamic system prototypes and advanced system simulation, and signal processing software. The Power Electronics Laboratory offers students hands-on experience with several power electronic devices-such as AC to DC converters, AC voltage controller, and new power electronic circuit designs capable of handling large amounts of power.



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