LSU B.S. EE, 1957; M.S. , 1959

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Mostek Corporation. Mostek is a leader in technology, having one of the broadest and most advanced product lines in the manufacture of integrated circuits and electronic subsystems.

Mr. Sevin was a founding member of the Mostek Corporation in 1969. As a founder and innovative leader he has emphasized state-of-the-art products manufactured with a basic Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) process and includes semiconductor memories, single-chip microcomputers, and integrated circuits used in the communications field.

Mostek's innovations have been characterized as forming a significant basis for what many respected sources describe as the next industrial revolution. Not a single product manufactured by Mostek today was even in the design stage in 1970. Mr. Sevin has led the corporation to national and international status with sales reaching the half-billion dollar level.

Mostek Corporation very recently became a component of United Technology Corporation. The author of a notable book on field effect transistors, Mr. Sevin holds several patents in semiconductor technology. He was a Director of the Institute of Technology at Southern Methodist University from 1974-76 and served on the Board of Directors of the Bulova Watch Company from 1976-79. He serves on the Trade Policy Committee of the Semiconductor Industry Association Board of Directors. He has been a spokesman for the semiconductor industry before the House Ways and Means Committee and the International Trade Commission regarding foreign trade barriers.

As a contemporary "industrial entrepreneur" in the high technology sector, Mr. Sevin has gained a reputation equaled by few for engineering excellence, and for honesty and integrity in the business and financial community.



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