LSU added electrical engineering as its ninth course of study beginning with the 1904-1905 school session. Electrical Engineering was "officially established" in 1907. Alumni Records indicate that the first electrical engineering degree was conferred in 1906.

Students were required to pass courses in trigonometry and analytical geometry as well as one year of advanced physics before starting special instruction in electrical principals. In their junior year, students entered a two-semester advanced course in dynamo electric machinery (a VERY important topic at the time). Seniors had required courses in alternating currents and a year long laboratory course learning electrical and magnetic measurements, generator design, and drawing plans for electrical installation.

For those of us who hated or loved electromagnetism, note that Maxwell's Equations have been around since 1873.

The College of Engineering was formed in 1908, gathering the engineering programs into a single administrative unit. Civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering programs were offered. Before entering the college, students were required to pass courses in English, algebra, plane geometry, a foreign language, and history.

Humanities and Social Studies were around before engineering departments.


The material above was mostly obtained from the excellent book: The LSU College of Engineering

Volume I Origins and Establishment 1860-1908
By Dan R. Frost and Kou K. Nelson, 1995

This Volume I as well as Volume II: Growth and Maturity can be obtained by mail at:
Louisiana State University Press
Post Office Box 25053
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As noted in the Preface to Volume I, the two volumes constitute a “study of history at Louisiana State University…” Edward McLaughlin, then dean of the College of Engineering, conceived and championed the project that began in 1990 and culminated in publication of the two volumes


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