Who remembers the synchro transmitters and resolvers?
by: Professor Jorge Aravena

This was back in 1978. I was given the assignment of creating an Automatic Control Laboratory using the available equipment. The most modern pieces of equipment were a pair of synchros used in airplanes and operating at 400Hz, probably WWII vintage. We actually ran the laboratory for a few years, but quickly updated it by using digital computer simulation. Does CSMP mean anything to you?

Today we are still creating laboratories to support teaching in the systems area. The difference is that the computer simulations are run in Matlab/Simulink which the students can access via Internet (Tech fees at work!). Also, we use computer based data acquisition systems and direct digital control and we are trying to have enough stations to serve all students in a reasonable manner.

And the area has evolved to adapt to the national needs. We have developed digital communications and signal processing; we can do a few demo labs on real time audio processing and we are planning a full fledged communications laboratory. Other very exciting ideas are in their early stages. Does anybody have experience with virtual reality environments?

It will be interesting to visit our webpage in 25 years and maybe read the heading "Who remembers the PCs?


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