Nine new faculty members have been hired since July 2002. This improvement of a serious faculty shortage has substantially helped ECE. We now have 28 full time faculty. Additionally, we have 2 Visiting Professors and 3 adjunct faculty members. Two faculty members hold the title IEEE Fellow.

The ECE department has the largest undergraduate and the largest graduate student enrollment of any engineering department in the college. We also graduate the most students.Since the summer 1999 and through the summer 2004, ECE students have been awarded 605 BS degrees, 124 Masters and 14 PhD's. One of our Ph.D. students was awarded the first College of Engineering Exemplary Dissertation Award at the 2002 Spring Commencement. In addition, 18 ECE students have been awarded the University Medal (4.0 gpa)and 80 additional students graduated with college honors.


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