Dr. Theda Daniels-Race and her award winning group

Dr. Daniels-Race received her BS degree from Rice University (1983) during which time she was a National Achievement scholarship recipient. For her MS from Stanford University (1985), she was a GEM Fellow, and during her Ph.D. from Cornell University (1990), she was an AT&T Fellow via CRFP (Cooperative Research Fellowship Program). All three degrees were in electrical engineering with an emphasis in electro-physics during her Ph.D. studies. She joined LSU in the Fall on 2003.

Dr. Daniels-Race is in the process of expanding her research activities supported by funding from CCT and the resources available via the ECE Department's Electronic Material and Device Laboratory (EMDL). She is currently developing a nanostructure characterization laboratory to aid expansion by her research group at LSU to include investigation of hybrid (organic/inorganic) materials and devices in the nanoscale.

As of Fall 2005, Dr. Daniels-Race's group will consist of four graduate research assistants, one postdoctoral research associate and two undergraduate assistants. They are pictured in the picture as follows: from left to right, (top) Sathish Thiruvengadam, Raghu Ramachandran, Royston Siow, Ravi Madduri, (bottom) Dr. Kim Lewis, Dr. Theda Daniels-Race.

This spring (2005) members of Dr. Daniels-Race's research group have received a number of awards and recognitions as listed below.
Royston Eejer Siow, ECE Ph.D. student received the Donald W. Clayton Excellence in Engineering and Graduate Fellowship Awards. Dr. Daniels-Race was recognized as mentor of Mr. Siow.

ECE postdoctoral associate, Dr. Kim Michelle Lewis, was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship. This award is administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies to continue her research with Dr. Theda Daniels-Race. The award is given to outstanding individuals who are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level.

In addition, Dr. Daniels-Race has been quite active herself. She was recently awarded funding from the Board of Regents via the NSF EPSCOR Links with Industry, Research Centers, and National Laboratories Program. "LINK" provides support for a faculty member, a postdoctoral researcher, or a graduate student to conduct research at top facilities around the country for purposes of education, training, and professional enhancement.

Dr. Daniels-Race's graduate student, Ravi Shankar Madduri, will utilize this award to visit the Microelectronics Research Center (MRC) of The University of Texas at Austin. The MRC is an invited member of the National Science Foundation's National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and is a world-class facility in this area of research. Daniels-Race's award is the first to have been granted to an LSU faculty via this program.
Dr. Daniels-Race, an invited member of the U.S. delegation, also recently attended the 2nd International Conference on the Status of Women in Physics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She, along with other scientists/engineers from over 40 countries, met to evaluate factors affecting careers in physics and related fields for women worldwide, as fewer than 15% of the world's physicists are female.

The meeting was sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and was part of one of many events worldwide celebrating the World Year of Physics, WYP 2005



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